Kayla Dougan Bowtell


Kayla Dougan Bowtell is senior lecturer and senior tutor in dance in the School of Fine and Performing Arts at the University of Lincoln. 


She has worked in higher education since 2000 alongside a national and international freelance portfolio as a maker, performer and facilitator.  Kayla was pivotal in establishing the BA (Hons) Dance and MA Choreography, and collaborated in the writing of the MFA Choreographing Live Art at the University of Lincoln.   Her doctoral research in education focuses on the performativity of failure and the metrics of accountability and draws from the lived experiences of academics teaching in arts-based disciplines in higher education in the UK.  In practice, she situates her live work at the intersection of live art and choreography where she explores improvisation as a tool for creation and performance.  Within and beyond higher education, Kayla works collaboratively with artists from other disciplines to create performance, installation and participatory art works.  She is a Board Member of St Hugh’s Art Foundation and is External Examiner for the BA (Hons) Dance at Hull College.  

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