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Step 1: Pay for your membership

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP FREE – This is for individuals and organisations who have been elected by the board as honorary members, to help support and represent the ethos/ identity of the subject.

As a subject association, we rely on Universities / Colleges, individuals and other organisations with an interest in dance in Higher Education becoming members, participating in debates/consultations and paying annual membership fees. Only Institutional and Individual members have voting rights.

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INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP £35 per year; this is a new membership introduced in April 2021 and will replace the institution membership.  This membership category offers more flexibility to members as they can take their membership with them as their professional working pattern or change of institution happen. This membership has full membership access rights and voting rights to the organisation. Institution e-mail or professional status in HE as proof of identity is required

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP £25 per year; This is ideal for research assistants, Ph.D. students and other associates connected to HE institutions who wish to become more informed with regard to the nature of the organisation, its work and some of its resources. This membership has restricted membership access rights and no voting rights to the organisation. Institution e-mail as proof of identity is required

Step 2: Important once membership has been agreed can we ask members to complete the online registration of their membership.  We request this so that we can easily update our members list and keep information current.  Please note that you will only be able to register once your institution is listed. Institutions will be listed once payment is received and confirmed.
Members registration form (to be completed by individuals once membership has been received)
Are you the Primary Contact?

Here at DanceHE we take the privacy of our members data seriously and will only use your personal registration information for our administration purposes and for communicating with you about your membership. Only the the Chair, Secretary and finance officer  will be able to access your details. 

We will never share your data without your prior permission.

Thanks for submitting!

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