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Web History

This website is created and maintained by a collaboration of people all with a passion for DanceHE. Below is few comments from each of the authors.


Libby Farrelly

Author from August 2018 - February 2019

Hi, my name is Libby and I am currently a student at De Montfort University. Seven months ago, I was offered the chance to be part of the DanceHE team and create a completely new website for the organisation. Being given the freedom with this project was just one of the many fantastic qualities of this experience. Over these past seven months I have been able to experiment and develop a website that will provide DanceHE the perfect platform to inform and help those in the DanceHE community. The support and feedback from those at DanceHE allowed me to create the website you can see today.

This opportunity also provided me with the chance to develop my professional skills, for example being required to liaise via email due to the geographical spread of the organisation. Using email allowed me to stay in contact, ask questions and implement any changes that were suggested. This position also allowed me to develop my skills of working within digital marketing, but more importantly I was able to do this alongside my studies. This was a very important part of the last seven months, being able to gain valuable work experience that can support me when applying for jobs after graduation this year. And not to forget how much fun it has been, being able to have my own project that I can edit and adapt as I desire. In addition to this I got to go to DanceHE’s annual conference and AGM meeting back in September enabling me to be truly inspired and meet a whole range of exciting people.

This opportunity has been one of my top experiences whilst being at university and I will be forever grateful.

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