Dr Natalie Garrett Brown

Dr. Natalie is Vice-Chair of DanceHE


Natalie Garrett Brown is Head of Department for Music, Writing and Performance at University of East London, and founding member of enter and inhabit, a site-responsive collaborative project. Her practice and research interests are situated within feminist understandings of embodied subjectivity and the ways in which somatic and reflective practices can inform education, performance making, creativity, writing and digital cultural practices. Natalie is co-convener of the International Conference for Dance & Somatic Practices, held biannually at Coventry University. She is also co-editor of Attending to Movement, Somatic Perspectives on Living in this World (2015) and founding associate editor for the Dance and Somatic Practices Journal. She was one of the co-investigators the 3-year UK Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded research project Sensing the City: an Embodied Documentation and Mapping of the Changing Uses and Tempers of Urban Place (a practice-based case-study of the city of Coventry (2017-2020).

Sensing the City

Photographer Christian Kipp

Enter & Inhabit

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